Comprehensive Parking Permit Management

Active Connex is an industry leader providing clients innovative tools to manage the full end-to-end life cycle of the vehicle parking permitting process for your event or parking organization.  Combining mobile handhelds, chip encryption and an intuitive web-based management platform, AC Parking has the features and customization options needed to streamline your entire vehicle access parking permits (VAPPs) system.

Centralized Permit Management

The Active Connex: Parking management system offers complete command and control of all vehicle movements and access rights throughout the duration of your event and is scalable to cover all vehicle control points specified within your parking management scope. With the AC VAPPs features, enhance existing security, traffic management and logistics plans to provide better operational oversight and access rights for vehicles throughout your venue.

Design, Printing & Distribution

Get creative with your permit designs.  Active Connex can custom design your permit scheme(s) and auto-generate unique and individual permits for an unlimited number of client groups.  Design permits in-house or consult our design professionals to give you the look your event needs.  The Active Connex: Parking platform provides the end-to-end solution to design your permits, partner with local or internationally recognized printing organizations, and track and trace the distribution processes from start to finish, all in the heart of one system.

Permit Validation Options

Streamline the validation process and integrate QR Codes, NFC or RFID encrypted chips into your vehicle access permits (VAPPs) for secure, unique identification and reduce opportunity for theft or fraudulent permits.  Validate permits with fixed permit scanning installations or utilize mobile handheld devices in the field:

Scan Number Plates with AC ANPR

Enter Number Plate Units

Search by Last Name

Scan Permit QR Code

Search by Cell Phone Number

Look up by Permit Type

Search by Permit Number

Master Parking Management

The Active Connex VAPPs management system offers complete command and control of all vehicle access rights operating throughout the duration of your event and is scalable to cover any area specified within your parking management scope.  AC VAPPs enhances existing security, traffic management and logistics plans to provide better operational oversight and control of vehicles and people throughout your venue

Scan Vehicle Number Plates

AC ANPR is a module that works as a standalone platform for reading vehicle number plates in car parks or at vehicle entry points.  The module can be installed as a fixed solution to scan vehicles as they enter or exit designated areas, or utilized manually via mobile handhelds (HHs) that users can operate when auditing vehicle car park areas. 


Multiple number plates can be scanned at the same time while storing GPS coordinates of the vehicles locations. 

Enhanced Towing Features

AC Tow-away is used for recording the pick-up and drop-off locations of illegally parked vehicles.  Tow-truck operators can photograph and log vehicle information that is automatically stored on the back-end Active Connex dashboard. 


Each tow incident is logged by creating “evidence packages” that include photographs, GPS coordinates of the pick-up and drop-off locations, and allows event organizers to send tow information (including GPS navigation integration) to vehicle owners via e-mail or SMS.  

Manage Your Team

AC Staffing is a personnel management solution that utilizes mobile handhelds (HHs) to plan & assign shifts, check-in staff, process timesheets and provide real-time data for back-office analysis in the Active Connex dashboard.  


Charts highlighting the planned requirements vs. the actual staffing in operation help easily identify gaps in your team instantly.

Track Personnel

AC Live Track offers live GPS tracking capability of personnel utilizing mobile handhelds (HHs) in the field. 


The system tracks and records the movement, direction and status of personnel in any area at any given time that can be viewed on the integrated back-end Active Connex dashboard using Google Maps.


Track Vehicles & Staff,

Streamlined Towing

Creating and managing vehicle access parking permits (VAPPs) is only half the battle.  Active Connex: Parking takes parking management one step further by providing additional tools to assist parking management in the end-to-end scope of validating permits, auditing car parks, managing and tracking staff in the field, and connecting tow operators with their vehicle owners.

Manage & Track Staff

Schedule parking personnel and track staff live in the field.  The AC Staffing and AC Live Track modules provide automated tools to schedule shifts, streamline check-in and out processes, manage time sheets and visually display active mobile handhelds in map view, allowing event organizers to track their staff at any time.  Create automated alerts, sent out via E-mail or SMS, if/when personnel are not meeting their KPI's (key performance indicators).

Audit Your Car Park

With AC ANPR, parking personnel can utilize mobile handhelds in the field to manually audit car parks in their entirety by scanning and photographing the number plate of each individual vehicle.  The system automatically categorizes and stores date, time and GPS coordinates into the Active Connex dashboard.  Contact vehicle owners and provide event related details regarding their vehicle and integrate with Google Navigation to assist guests in locating their vehicle.

Enhanced Towing

Towing vehicles has never been this easy.  AC Tow-away simplifies the entire tow process by providing tow operators the tools to track and log every tow incident within your venue.  Utilizing mobile handhelds, operators can photograph vehicles and log their date, time, pick-up and drop off locations and pass this information along to event organizers or vehicle owners.  Full audit history of every tow incident is available and accessible in a map view with supporting documentation.