AC Staffing is a personnel management solution that utilizes a web-based management dashboard and mobile handhelds (HHs) to plan & assign shifts, check-in staff, process timesheets and provide real-time data for back-office analysis in the Active Connex dashboard.

AC Staffing can also link directly to your payroll systems thereby eliminating duplicate efforts and enhancing transparency for all functional areas.


Charts highlighting the planned requirements vs. actual staffing in operation help easily identify gaps in your team instantly.

Manage Your Team
Track Personnel

AC Live Track offers live GPS tracking capability of personnel utilizing mobile handhelds (HHs) in the field. 


The system tracks and records the movement, direction and status of personnel in any area at any given time that can be viewed on the Active Connex dashboard using Google Maps.

AC Live Track also provides for geofencing and mapping options so unique routes, road closures, venue access, restricted areas and activation areas can all be easily identified by individuals using the system.

Go Cashless & Promote Rewards

Utilizing secure NFC encrypted wristbands, cards or badges, AC Voucher allows organizers to create venue currencies with ease and say good-bye to the burden of cash management.


Decrease transaction times and increase ROI with more efficient payments.  Analyze your data locally and integrate financial transactions with back-office financial processing systems.


Guests can top up their accounts through an online portal or via on-site pay stations.

Create sponsorship rewards programs and generate more traffic to your hottest areas.

White Glove Oversight

AC Delegate enables conference event organizers to have full control and management of delegates’ movements within a venue footprint by tracking their NFC encrypted wristbands, ID cards or badges.


The system allows different access constraints depending on the delegates’ roles (e.g. VIPs, speakers, press, exhibitors, attendees, staff, etc.) and access rights that are pre-determined prior to event operations.

Document Anything

AC Live QA allows personnel, utilizing mobile handhelds (HHs), to record photographic information with supporting notes to track quality assurance of physical objects or processes operating within your event.


Completely customizable, event owners create ‘evidence packages’ that are available at any time and is viewable with date, time and GPS coordinates to access live with our Google Maps integration.

Automate Inventory Management

AC Asset is a comprehensive inventory management platform that allows event owners to track, trace and manage their furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) or stock items utilized within their event or business. 


NFC tags can be affixed to any physical object that is checked-in or checked-out and a full audit history can be stored for back-office analysis.

Mobile handhelds (HHs) or fixed, permanent NFC chip readers can be utilized manually or passively to track and trace all equipment movements throughout the items life-cycle.