Manage Your Team

AC Staffing is a personnel management solution that utilizes a web-based management dashboard and mobile handhelds (HHs) to plan & assign shifts, check-in staff, process timesheets and provide real-time data for back-office analysis in the Active Connex dashboard.  

AC Staffing can also link directly to your payroll systems thereby eliminating duplicate efforts and enhancing transparency for all functional areas.


Charts highlighting the planned requirements vs. actual staffing in operation help easily identify gaps in your team instantly.

Track Personnel

AC Live Track offers live GPS tracking capability of vehicles & personnel utilizing mobile handhelds (HHs) in the field. 

Assign and push route assignments or directions to drivers with mobile devices that are integrated with customized navigation features.


The system tracks and records the movement, direction and status of personnel in any area at any given time that can be viewed on the Active Connex dashboard using Google Maps.

Your Vehicle is Arriving

AC Next is our latest feature that provides event organizers and attendees the capability to view and track shuttle buses or vehicles, in real-time, on any mobile device or handheld.  

Track your next vehicle and utilize our 'estimated arrival' feature that allows guests to manage time between shuttle busses or vehicles appropriately.

Integrate AC Next with digital signage and provide passengers ETA's of the next arriving shuttle or vehicle on any designated route.

AC Pax Count (passenger count) takes the hassle out of manually recording passenger counts on a pad and paper through manual and passive tracking of NFC encrypted wristbands, badges or ID cards.

Tally your passenger counts live in the field and track any individual on any vehicle, live and in real-time.  

Reduce redundant communication requests for passenger totals and automate the entire process!

Automate Passenger Tracking

AC Live QA allows personnel, utilizing mobile handhelds (HHs), to record photographic information with supporting notes to track quality assurance of physical objects or processes operating within your event.


Completely customizable, event owners create ‘evidence packages’ that are viewable live at any time and is recorded with date, time and GPS coordinates to access live with our Google Maps integration.

Document Anything