Secure the Experience

AC Security permits event security management to track and trace all personnel within a venue by tracking patrol movements from the mobile handhelds (HHs) used in the field.  NFC Cards can be utilized at predefined patrol points that allow security personnel to scan as they bypass each location and log their progress with time-stamps and GPS coordinates of each point along a patrol route. 


Back-end dashboard management provides full oversight of all personnel movements live, showcasing exactly what routes were followed, at what time, and any incidents logged per each patrol.

AC ANPR is a standalone feature that scans and records vehicle number plates in car parks or at vehicle entry points.  The module can be installed as a fixed solution to scan vehicles as they enter or exit designated areas, or utilized manually via mobile handhelds (HHs) that users can operate when auditing vehicle car park areas. 


Multiple number plates can be scanned at the same time while storing GPS coordinates of each of the vehicles locations. 

Scan Vehicle Number Plates
White Glove Oversight

AC Delegate enables event security to have full control of delegates’ movements within a venue footprint by tracking their NFC encrypted wristbands, ID cards or badges.


The system allows different access constraints depending on the delegates’ roles (e.g. VIPs, speakers, press, exhibitors, attendees, staff, etc.) where access rights are predetermined prior to event operations.

Manage Your Team

AC Staffing is a personnel management solution that utilizes a web-based management dashboard and mobile handhelds (HHs) to plan & assign shifts, check-in staff, process timesheets and provide real-time data for back-office analysis in the Active Connex dashboard.  

AC Staffing can also link directly to your payroll systems thereby eliminating duplicate efforts and enhancing transparency for all functional areas.


Charts highlighting the planned requirements vs. actual staffing in operation help easily identify gaps in your team instantly.

AC Live QA allows personnel, utilizing mobile handhelds (HHs), to record photographic information with supporting notes to track quality assurance of physical objects or processes operating within your event.


Completely customizable, event owners create ‘evidence packages’ that are viewable live at any time and is recorded with date, time and GPS coordinates to access live with our Google Maps integration.

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